Indentity Development

Identity Development

We want you to look your very best.

An identity, or logo, is designed to cause immediate recognition with the viewer and express the core ideals and/or services of a company or economic entity. The logo is one aspect of the overall brand, and the shapes, colors, fonts and images are usually different from others in a similar market. That's the formal definition anyway.

The definition to the client is that a logo is the face of their very livelihood, the heart and soul of their labors. They want it to be attractive and to communicate everything they want others to know about themselves. The keyword is communicate. 'Attractive' is in the eye of the beholder, but communication is either there and effective, or it's not and a failure. 

At Cypress Interactive, we strive to establish a brand strategy based on researched attributes and supply our clients with bold, memorable, effective marks and appropriate logotype that will quicly become the cornerstone in any marketing campaign.

We encourage you to browse our portfolio and see how we've helped other companies and individuals just like you.